Friday, March 22, 2013

Lebanese Pop Breakout Star Natasha Needs To Focus

Yo, are a rock star. Just find your voice and your proper style and stick to it. I have been a dedicated fan since you released your first album more than four years ago, when you were a little girl that sang like a full-blown diva. Now, you are all over the map, doing Gulf songs for those who pay, and then flaying to Egypt for duets and interviews.

The Khaliji singing never gives artists a legacy, it does offer a big payday, in exchange for selling your soul. Egypt should be the place you launch your career from. Lebanon is too crowded and they might miss a good thing like you--even if it hit them in the face. You have been blessed with an awesome family that understands music, now, it's your turn to sing form the gut.

Your latest single, got picked by those who understand such heavy and senseless lyrics. Go back to catchy melodies , cute girly songs. You are a natural at those. Plus, you have a great voice for longer and more serious songs, you have shown that already. I think doing one good pop song that goes mainstream and hits-it big is much better than doing random songs here and there. you just chase those songs, they won't seek you--the almost never do.  

Do not worry about releasing an album, it's too much work, too much money and so little reward. just find yourself one good hit, live it and then bring it out. If it was genuine people will cheer you on.

 داوني - الفنانه ناتاشا


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