Saturday, March 9, 2013

WATCH: The Continental Lara Scandar Stikes Again | لارا اسكندر - تعالوا غنوا معايا

Lara flew to Beirut to release this music video, but it did not generate the attention Lara had hoped for. She is the official party girl of Arabia who likes to look good, shop and kick it with her other goo looking and well dressed lady friends. This is the dance song that deserves to be aired. An Arabic song fashioned like the western pop songs the world loves so much. This would be like making a hit song from America and turning into Arabic. Lara is most qualified to do that since she is an all around California girl whose roots come from four continents.

The song is about good times, and being free to make one's choices--from where hope comes. Dance and have a pillow fight, kick around those balloons and look glamorous  Lara shows a lot of her showmanship and her friends seem to play along. The show "Girls" have nothing on those ladies of the music video.

Lara borrows a page from American music videos and make's a music video with all ladies living it up, this is a cool concept that makes a lot of young boys want to be girls--because changing clothes is so much fun. The song is about love, I love the Arabic lyrics--this is the only song on the album "About A Girl" Lars is once again the life of the party and her new song is the right song to play on the Arabic radios and TVs, we all need a break from the grim reality.

Lara Scandar - Taalou Ghannou Maaya | لارا اسكندر - تعالوا غنوا معايا


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