Friday, March 15, 2013

The Hypocritical People Of Khalij نفاق أهل الخليج

The Khalij or the Gulf is where millions of Arabs live, and those people happen to be the most affluent Arabs around the world. They tend to be generous people, hospitable and loving people. No one will ever take that away form them. But today I want to talk about something different. The perceptions of Khalij men and women of local female entertainers.

But first few observations--and please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Khaliji men would pay top dollars to see an Arab star sing a song of their writing and of their music.
  2. Khaliji men entertainers can pretty much do whatever they want, they travel the world, they perform locally and abroad, no one puts restrictions on them.  
  3. When Khaliji women sing, a number of things will happen:
    1. Critics will say she is not really local--she came from some other country.
    2. Haters will attack her family and cal them names.
    3. Pigs will insult the female entertainer by calling her things like "ugly", "Tomboy", and such.
  4. The people who usually wage those attacks are the same people who take vacation trips in pursuit of bodily pleasures to Thailand and other fun tourism   
So it's OK for the Lebanese/Moroccan/Iraqi to sing a song for those men, but when a home girl does it, it's the end of their world as we know it. What does this say about the Lebanese songstress? While most of the hate comes form men, some women also jump on the wagon and speak ill of female performers.

It's like being a singer has become another name for being a prostitute. When in reality most of those performers take their music seriously. Women can be trusted to make the right call in life, they have been raised well and for starter, God gave them the free will.  
But despite all that hate and attacks, some female voices mange to survive and make a career. There are many very gifted home grown singers who do wonders for the Gulf music scene  I shall name few from the new generation, 
  1. Aseel Omran (Saudi Arabia), she acts and sings pop songs. Her voice offers planet of warmth. 
  2. Shams (Kuwait), makes fresh music videos, and tells people I am form Mars--leave me alone.
  3. Hala Al Turk, (Bahrain), a little girl that has sold millions of records doing kid songs.  
  4. Shamma Hamdan (UAE) surfed the most attacks when she appeared on Arabs Got Talent, for change a real musician. 
  5. There are always Ahlam (UAE), Hind (Bahrain), Nawal (Kuwait) Rowaida Mahrouqi (UAE) and Waad (Saudi Arabia)
I do realize that there are enlighten people everywhere, but this should not be an issue, here's another fact for you. When you allow the fans to listen to music made by the ladies of the Gulf, they have loved them every time--just see the video below. So that might scare off some dudes. 

#ArabsGotTalent - S2 - Ep6 - شما حمدان


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