Monday, March 11, 2013

Download: Diaa Shaheen New Album البوم ضياء شاهين اجمل حكاياتى 2013 كامل

Young Egyptian pop stars are a dime a dozen, but not each of them gets a debut album, like the charmer Diaa Shaheen who has a new pop dance album out. This is an electronic album made with many computers  beats and club mixes. Every now and then something exciting musically emerges. I like the way he approaches his songs, they play as if he is talking to the girl that has put him under her spill.

Diaa has attended the Arab Music Institute and then joined the University of Alexandria to get a law degree. From there he moved to Cairo, recorded and produced his own album, then got Mazzika to distribute his album. He shot a music video for one of his songs and the buzz began. He now works with the Alam Alphan music label that snagged him. 

Listen to all tracks with the links below. This is an album meant for the new comers who are discovering new music and Diaa will keep them interested. the guitar and the electric drum offer plenty of gleeful songs. But there are darker and more romantic songs--I do not think it's his finest performance. But the great thing about him, how many likes and fans he has manged to secure on the social media.

I am detecting some Amr Diab/Bahaa Soltan grade pop songs where a catchy beat meets a guy with a big heart and a hear of gold. A B plus album indeed from a talented and versatile singer who also knows to navigate his way through the world of music. Ten tracks are not cheap to make, let's hope music buyers in Egypt would find time and the taste to try something new.

01 - Edert Ezay
02 - Sahl El Regoaa
03 - Ana Ekhtart
04 - Wenta Beaied
05 - Ahla Men El Awel
06 - Zay Mategy
07 - Hekayty We Mafeha
08 - Agmal Hekayaty
09 - Khaliny Meaak
10 - Ayzak Tesaal Alaya

Edert Ezay - Diaa Shaheen قدرت ازاى - ضياء شاهين


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