Monday, March 18, 2013

One Tunisian Rapper Arrested For Trashing The Police Weld El 15 البوليسية كلاب

Some Tunisian who sang against the police rests in jail right now. His song was titled "The Police Are Dogs"--think Pigs in America. His song takes a creative approach at insulting the police and he was nothing but harsh words for the police force in Tunis,

Many young people in Tunis are pissed of at their government and from the comments they post, they seem to want to break free. Weld El 15 is the artists behind this song. The Tunisian Ministery of Interior has arrested a young man and unidentified woman, they await to see a judge. This has taken place south of the capital and they are investigation the incitement and defamation the song calls for against the government and the police.

I think, people should be free to speak their minds, but even in free societies there are limits...try to mock a police officer, call him a name of give him the middle finger here. You will not be happy. I wish the artist well, and I want him to be free.

Weld El 15 - NEW البوليسية كلاب [Clip Officiel]


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