Friday, March 22, 2013

The Manliest Pop Album From Fares Karam

Fares Karam would chop the head of the toughest son of a bitch and bring it to his loved one, he would fight a pack of lions, walk among snakes, and milk a beast. This is not me, this is one of the songs on Fares Karam 2013 album.

Do not act so surprised, this song was a hit song. And there 11 more songs just like this song on the album, do have no fear. Fares Karam will entertain you and bring you to the dance floor as you sing along his lyrics. The party album only man with the size of Fares can make.

Think about country songs, some of those songs can he funny, but if you are into this kind of thing, you would thing such songs are the greatest ever. I like Fares, he is one of those real voices, he does not try too hard to impress or blow his fans away. He is media shy, and this is hard to understand, but when it comes to making fun albums--he is never too shy to walk into a never before charted territory.

01 - Ajebni
02 - Al Asemah
03 - Am Dawir Ala Arouss
04 - Badda Asfourieh
05 - Bkhatrik
06 - Dadi
07 - El Raoucheh
08 - Elli Byekzoub Ala Marto
09 - Fawaa El Metre we Sabean
10 - La Mchilik Hafeh
11 - Marrou Al Ayna Bnayat
12 - Tfarkash Be Khyalo


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