Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Iraqi Folklore (فولكلور عراقي ) Gets Serious With Shatha Hassoun

We always seek advise from older people, thus making assumptions that they must know better. It makes us feel better when recount our trouble to someone who at least looks wiser. Many folklore songs do just that, a singer tells what's troubling him to a mother, an uncle, a grandpa, but almost never a father notice.

Checkout Shatha Hassoun a young women from Iraq/Morocco performs an old Iraqi song in one of his concerts. Her vocals are the only thing that matter, but also her stage presence is the one most people would not miss. She sounds very mature as this sobering song requires a certain level of zen and calm to do it justice.

I love those intimate concert formats, but the number of the backup singers tells me this is a serious performance. I love the live orchestra with men wearing their traditional dresses. There' no playback and lip syncing here.
Shatha Hassoun فولكلور عراقي - شذى حسون - ياعمه


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