Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reviewing The Greatest Arabic Pop Album In البوم كارول سماحة - احساس 2013

01 - Ehssas, the most sophisticated and grown up track on the entire album. A bittersweet song from Carole who knows how to make those song best. I love the low key energy and the music takes you up and down in a beautiful race.  

02 - El Afrah, one of the happier songs and naturally you go to the Egyptian dialect for those. This song has legs, it will stick around and be played at each of our parties and happy occasions. This is new territory for Carole, she will be happy she chose this song and added it to her album--such songs have a longer shelf life. 

03 - Hakhounak, the most jaded song one person can hear. Carole actually wrote the lyrics. Smart and strong women do not like to be cheated or wronged. She is avenging that with this song, I will betray you.  They very words that can kill a man and send him to his destruction. A hurricane of emotions where Carole is very comfortable at being conflicted   

04 - Inta Tofl Kbir, written and composed by Marwan Khoury, I do not think this is his best work. But the song itself is refreshing. Too man men out there, live life as if they are big boys. It's time for Carole to expose them and take them to task. It's slow dance song that changes pace and has a Spanish influence. 

05 - Ohdonni, The very sweet song performed like a girl in love for the first time would have written it. A dreamy song that guys like to imagine their epic love to be like. I love this side of Carole, the dreamy side of her sounds very original  the lyrics are a delight. A nice break from the darker songs. Huge me or embrace me is the tittle her, and this alone tells me, the song is about someone's need to feel warm. 

06 - Ana Geet, pop is not dead as long Carole gives it her time. This is a cute song with a catchy beat meant for the younger fans who like clubbing. Love means to compromise just to be close to the one you love. Looking forward helps, and the song calls for just that. This is a winner track. 

07 - Wahshani Belady, the Arab Spring broke far too many homes, and drove so many away from the motherland. And those who have been away are thinking now to come back home. Coming home songs are a dime a dozen, but good ones with a sweet dance beat are hard to come by. Carole has the right song and I am in love, about loving the homeland, the people form there and wanting to take a walk down memory lane. The music fusion is exicting and is done right,One of the top songs on this album and an instant classic. 

08 - Yaoumayn Shahrayn, the sweet dose has another offering, Carole channels her most delicate soul and dives deep down to bring the most sincere love potion out of her lyrics. A Lebanese style all the way, the sweet, unconditionally loving despite the distance. I love how the music flows and allows listener to close his/her eyes and think of whatever brings such memories to life. 

09 - Mosh Maakoul, Dick Dale would be very happy to see someone from Lebanon is this sophisticated to incorporated his own surge guitar music. By the way Dick is Lebanese. The song also takes the Spanish flamenco flavor with lyrics about life and living life to the fullest. This might be a call for women to do more with their lives as life can be a very sweet thing as we travel through it.

10 - Mosh Tayaak, The spunky song has arrived and it is the perfect tongue in cheek moment. I love this song, about how crazy and stupid can love make us. I love this song and I would ask fore more please  the lyrics are accessibly, fun and will make all girls happy to be ones. I like the positive humor and crazy feel Carole brings in this song. The song goes, I cannot stand you, I do not love you, because I am crazy about you...preach one!

11 - Khedni Maak, a cover of one of the most celebrated Lebanese diva, the late Salwa Qattrib. It's hard to live in the shadows of such legends, I feel the song could have been done better. But the song introduced a whole new generation  to an older yet better songs. The cover game is tricky, and I feel Carole has a lot more to offer that what I am hearing in this cover. Carole did not get through to me here. 

12 - Wou Taawadet, this song came out last year and made waves by rocking the slow music scene  I like this complexity of love--love can be a very dark and risky thing. This is a breakup song form the first rate. This track offers peace to those living with a broken heart. Pick yourself up, and march on. Carole ruled out in this song not to mentioned the amazing music that accompanies such mighty lyrics. 

13 - Ma Bnethammelsh Baad, A song that plays like a conversation between two people who loved one another, but cannot stand the differences. Breaking up is possible, but the song gives a glimpse of hope. It ain't over yet. A mellow song going for sad. A sobering track that brings a balance, love is not all parties it's fare more complex and the naive should keep away. 

Carole Samaha - Mosh Tayaak / كارول سماحة - مش طايقاك


  1. "Wahshani Belady" is bugging me. The first part of the song is "Laylet Hob" (I read somewhere that Muhamad Abdel Wahab's estate was thinking about suing her over it), but is the later part another section of "Laylet Hob," or does it switch to something else? Anybody recognize the back half of the song with another title? It sounds so familiar.

  2. Yes, I read the same thing. Not sure, but I do hear similar elements! I see a credit to Mohammad Abdel Wahab--but form what I understand they estate was not contacted. I bet they have contacted someone else for the rights and he has given them. Thanks

  3. I think it's all part of "Lailat hob." The second theme is in the intro, starting around 3:00 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg-sruSD1Dw