Friday, March 8, 2013

Egyptian Celebrities Shamelessly Chase The American Citizenship

Since the dawn of time and mankind wanted the best for himself and for his family. So it's no surprise more and more celebrities are seeking to give birth to their own babies in places that can be safe and protect them.  Some American celebrities have given birth to their kids outside America, now I am learning of half a dozen Egyptian entertainers who are chasing the American citizenship through their babies.

This is a totally legal process, you only need to afford the cost of giving birth in America, and not be part of a coordinated effort. More and more of them are lining up at American hospitals to have their babies delivered on American soil. Some Egyptians might not like this practice, it does not seem very patriotic. However, the same people if they could, they would do the exact same thing.

America is changing, and it might not always be the place people around the world idealize so very much. It's a wonderful place to life and have a family--just do not get sick.

Here's the most recent celebrities who have their kids delivered in American hospitals in the United States.

  1. Tamer Hosny: His wife and himself have been in the States for work, and she is along for the trip. Of course work is scheduled around the time of her delivery. In fairness the two got hitched in the Egyptian embassy in Washington DC.  The baby girl will be delivered somewhere in the area
  2. Ghada Abdel Razik: the biggest Mubarak supporter on the planet, took those steps prior to Tamer Hosny. She is not having a baby--she has passed that time but her daughter Rotana is pregnant and the two have landed in the States. Ghada spend ten days out here, Rotana has been around for four months waiting to pop up. Keep on mind, the father is a police officer in Egypt.  
  3. Khalid Selim: the original beef cake singer/ actor spend some time in California along with his wife--they just got married last year. The baby girl was delivered there and has an American birth certificate.  After that, the couple has returned to Cairo. 
  4. Nashwa Mostafa: made a statement on Facebook declraging that she has never thought about getting her kids to become Americans--their father is. She frimely belives Egypt is the best place on earth with all the trumoil. However, she regretted those belifes as she now she wants her kids to be protected and resepcted in the event of a problem.


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