Thursday, March 7, 2013

Palestinians In Israel Refuse To Enlist In Israel's Army

For a really long time, Israel would not accept Palestinian enrollment in its army--those are citizens of the State of the Israel. And for the most part, Palestinian Arabs would not join the army because they do not want to be killing their brethren in Gaza and the West Bank. Both Muslims and Christian Palestinian citizens refuse to serve in the army and Israeli is happy about that.

Now, some loons in the Israel government--there are so many of them in this current government want to ask those people to serve in the army and protect Israel. So a group of ordinary young people made video for that matter where they are singing about refusing to enlist in the army that will send them to do acts that might be contrary to human rights.

See dozens of young men and women making it loud and clear, in the Israeli army we won't serve. They are all too familiar with the "Divide and Conquer  rule. Take me to prison if you may, but I ain't joining the army.

صوت فلسطيني ضد التجنيد

The lyrics of the song

I refuse to serve in the Israeli occupation forces
Even if I am sent to prison
And I know, mother, how proud you will be of me
Mother, I refuse to be recruited
And you can rest assured
That I will always revolt
Even if they torture me
I refuse to oppress my people
And stop my friends at the checkpoints
Let the freedom screams blow and roar
Down with military rule
I will liberate my land with my hands
And I will not collaborate with my oppressor
I give my heart and soul eyes for my oppressed

It's time for the occupation to end
No to negotiations and normalisation
And the right of return shall not be sold
The blood of martyrs shall not be wasted
It's time for the occupation to end

From Ramleh jail to Askalan jail
The prisoners have defeated their jailers
And shouted behind the bars:
It's time to end the occupation

The sons and daughters of Palestine
Reject the Israeli military service
And will not rest Until we end the occupation
It's time to end the occupation.

We shall liberate Palestine with our steadfastness
The people demand freedom
And we all reject recruitment and civil service with the Israeli army
The people demand freedom


  1. Great article! That's nice that there standing there ground.