Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mina Atta Perfects His Voice In A New Dark Romance Single @Mina_Atta_

Mina made waves on Star Academy and to my surprise he has one of the most dedicated fan base on the social media. They always let me know about their presence as loudly as they could. The young, tall and slim pop star from Egypt released a new single (written and produced by Amir Taema)

The title is straight out clever, A temporary state (status). The song is his calling card. The young artist is not talking about an album--smart not to work on one right now. Instead he is currently hosting a talk show with fellow Star academy graduate Rana Samah

It's a grownup dark romance tale. A change for Mina whose voice shows a lot of promise and his charisma has earned him all the love. The music in the song is pretty standard supporting role giving Mina room to hit the right notes. We are always up for a song that offers us companionship at the low points of our lives.

Mina comes from a rare breed of pop artists, his rise to fame made so many music fans happy as he is a member of minority group in Egypt that does not necessarily have it easy. Which helps explain the emotional reserve that Mina tabs for this song. The song summarizes "the funeral" phase of many love stories. Allow Mina to share his sorrow with you as you begin the healing.  
مينا عطا - حالة مؤقته | Mina Atta - 7ala Mo2akata


  1. Too bad I don't know what he is saying, but I love the jazzy tones and the sweetness of his voice. Very nice!!

  2. nice article :) big thx to writer
    this amazing song :)
    for flw mina