Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Singer Ahmed Zaeem (Compare Fadel Shaker) Has Many Powerful Allies

Since Fadel Shaker does not feel like singing anymore, many young artists try to fill the big shoes he's left. Sincere romance that brings people's to tear is where Fadel Shaker's legacy is. Egypt is talking up a new artists from within whom they are comparing to the wanted and retried Lebanese hit-maker.

He does have a hint of Fadel Shaker, and he has some warmth and friendliness to his voice. The heart is fond with such soft voices that carries a consistent note without being boring. The name is Ahmed Zaeem and he is sure happy to be compared to the romance legend. But he is his own talent. Zeem has strong backers who believe in his talent. As he was discovered and introduced by Toma, one of Egypt's hottest producers. Zaeem has his own personality and his own character, but the likeliness of his voice to Fadel Shaker is a compliment.

Amonh his fans and supporters in the music industry are lyricists Ayman Bahgat Amar, Amir Taema, Mohamed Atif, and others. composers who like him include Tamer Aly, Walid Saad, Ramy Gamal and others. This is one hell of a team of supporters. So I expect greatness from Ahmed Zaeem. He has a lot of support from the finest talents in Egyptian music. I think the material of his voice combined with his relatablility tell of his potential to cross over into other territories.    

أحمد زعيم - حُب و راح | Ahmed Zaeem - Hob We Rah

أحمد زعيم - سلّم على الحبايب

احمد زعيم الاماكن للفنان محمد عبده


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