Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jad Shwery Wrote, Sang And Directed All At Once! For Agaza @JadShwery

Jad Shwery is a household name in Arabic pop music. He is a singer and a director that has touched more Arabic music videos and songs that many of his peers. He is constantly searching for new ideas and concepts to explore with his mic and camera. He might bold when he is behind the camera. He argues that he is empowering women and supporting their decision to take off their clothes for his music videos. But it must be said that Jad can also direct family-friendly music videos, but he does not do that often.

Take Bosy for example, a well-liked Egyptian Sha'abi artist she just teamed up with Jad in a duet which he also directed. For the first time, Bosy is showing a lot more skin by sharing her cleavage with the viewers. This seems like a club set up and it seemed like a fun set for this happy song. There are plenty of iconography going on. Like that almost named belly dancer head gear, the traditional lanterns and not to forget that Lebanese Tarbush.

Again, I liked the song and it was only a matter of time for this music video to get a release. This is kind of a random collaboration, an invincible Egyptian folksy diva and a Lebanese party boy. It's certainly a mutual arrangement. Each gets tot tab into the other artists fan base. Bosy is not known for her Tarab (not for lack of talent) and Jad likes to rap. So this is something you do not see every day.
Jad wrote the lyrics here, and I thought the music is great, we have Mohamad Yehya to thank for that. Plus Lebanese Nagham appears on this music video.         

 Jad Shwery and Bosy - Agaza (Official Music Video) / جاد شويري وبوسي - أجازة

Jad Shwery and Bosy - Agaza (Official Music Video) / جاد شويري وبوسي - أجازة
Directed by: Jad Shwery
Lyrics by: Jad Shwery
Composed by: Mohamad Yehya


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