Thursday, March 5, 2015

Working With The Demanding and Difficult Ramy Sabry

Ramy Sabry made a lot of good songs in the past six years. He came and claimed a top spot among the next generation of Egyptian pop stars. He is a performer and a musician which means he has a lot of opinions about his songs. And as you will see from the footage below, half a dozen of his collaborators in music and lyrics. His thing is the longevity of his songs. He also likes to be alone in the recording studio.

Mazzika wanted to fill some time by releasing behind the scenes from his work on his last year's album. Ramy is a nice live experience to watch, he might be too young to talk about a legacy yet, but he surely is headed there--it's only a matter of time.    

Behind The scene - Ramy Sabry ما وراء الكواليس - رامى صبرى


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