Friday, March 27, 2015

Amazing Song! True Love Is Like Rare Coins Sings Composer Madian

I like the thinking and the logic in this new song by Madian. It's a super sweet song from a guy who has found the one love for the rest of his life. The song offers a perfect combination of emotional maturity and youthful excitement. This seems like areal song dedicated to Madian's bride. Madian is a bright young music composer in Egypt whose brand makes him on the top list of the industry.   

On their wedding night Madian chose to perform this song himself to show his love and commitment. But he really did show us a lot more of this true talent. I love his voice and how real and crisp he comes across. Mazzika released this personal song to the masses based on popular demand. Music news sites cited the song was meant to be for the wedding but since it was a big hit with the crowd, it got a studio release.

I like the footage from the wedding, it shows a big party, but the center stage was given to the new couple. Madian has a lot to offer and his voice will do great things.
Omla Nadra - Madian عملة نادرة - مدين


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