Thursday, March 19, 2015

Not A Dry Eye In This House! The Stunning Tribute To Mothers Of Arabia

Wow, just when you thought you had the perfect mother appreciation song, you hear a new one that rocks your world. This time this fantastic and touching song from mothers came from an Iraqi pop star who is not a very busy artist....but his new mawal will have you in tears in a matter of seconds.

While the song is about his mother in Iraqi in those tough times, I can relate to it. He pays attribute to his mother like no one else has. A song to his mother who is caught in war zone. It's a very sad/sweet song that lands and stays in the listener' heart.

As smone who lives away form his mom and has not seen her in years, I miss my mother and miss spending time with her and allowing her to get to know me since I left so long ago. Reda Al Abdellah has a winner and this would be a CPR to his entire music career. As a musician he sounds like gold, as a son his mother hit the jack an Iraqi person he nailed this one. He does not forget his father too, his freinds and his siblings. It's a lot of nostalgia

Reda Al Abdellah ... Mawal El Saber Ummi | رضا العبد الله ... موال الصبر أمي


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