Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Flash Mob At Mall of the Emirates For A Saudi Album

Flash mobs may have died off two years ago, but not in Dubai. The city serves as a hot place for such online focused activity. In the Mall of the Emirates, a group of young men and women put on a show for the audience and the whole thing was planned by Saudi company Rotana to help drum up support for one of their new album releases.

Rabeh Saqer released an album with 38 tracks and it's kind of a big deal since he has not released some music in about eight years. I am not sure how this stunt help advertise for the album, I had no idea and saw no signs for the new album. Still, it's cool to do these things and enlist the help of so many talented young people who like to have fun.

By local taste, Rabeh released a big album and perhaps a good one, it took him 3 years of hard Rotana went out for this new album.
Rabeh Sager ... New Album Release Surprise | رابح صقر ... مفاجأة صدور الألبوم الجديد


  1. "I am not sure how this stunt help advertise for the album"

    Because nothing says خليجي like a bunch of people in jeans and t-shirts doing rhythmic gymnastics? Maybe they subscribe to the idea that any publicity is good publicity.

    His album is only 28 tracks, not 38 tracks, by the way.