Friday, March 6, 2015

Kareem, The Presentor of The Voice Speaks About His Gig

At first he was a beloved Egyptian actor who took challenging and indie roles, he made a great villain. This is Mohammad Kareem, the guy who is still the presenter and the host of the MBC produced The Voice, filmed in Lebanon. He was a surprise pick, but I guess he is Egyptian and that's good for marketing. This is the second season for him on the show--he has said he may not comeback. But he has also been talking about being part of an international film project, and he is promising surprises to his fans.

He seems like a nice guy, but I do not know why he is treated as a celebrity intellect. He just gave an interview, talking about the coaches and his friendship with the four of them. How hard is his job? It's not like he is doing it live, it's all pre-re recorded and things are easy....It's not just business, they look like they are great friends--I am sure when they have time.

The crew of the show have to have a level of chemistry, some drama goes a long way--I am looking at you Arab Idol.

محمد كريم: ما يجمعني بمدربي The Voice أكثر من الصداقة وانتظروا مفاجأتي كمطرب


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