Friday, March 27, 2015

Vole By Celine Dion Gets The Hiba Tawaji Treatment

One thing is clear to me, either Americans do not appreciate the music of Celine Dion or they have decided to keep it as a guilty pleasure. The Canadian artist with an amazing set of vocalist is a huge draw everywhere. The world cherishes her and her music.

Just look at Lebanese Hiba Tawaji, she chose to do a sweet cover for one of Celine Dion's better songs Vole. I like what Hiba is doing, she sings in more than one tongue and she seems to give each language her very best. It's like she is walking inside a hall of mirrors. Her voice is always the same, but her style adapts and her persona changes to git the song.

Hiba sings amazing original song sin Arabic--her voice goes well with the piano, she has already took the French version of The Voice by storm earlier this year. Hiba has already released amazing songs in English as well.
Vole - (Celine Dion) Cover by Hiba Tawaji


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