Friday, March 13, 2015

This New Rabeh Saqer Album Has 38 Amazing Songs @RabehSaqer

For eight years there was a radio silence from Saudi musician Rabeh Saqer. In those very long years, the beloved musician did not release any new work. So upon his comeback in 2015 had to be perfect. A new album with 38 tracks is the biggest surprise we have seen this century. Rabeh likes to quit, this is not the first time he stepped away form music. He did it once before five years ago.

38 tracks, 23 poets, 7 music composers and 8 in the music production. It took three years for the album to see the daylight but when it was released it stole the thunder form many pop stars. The kicker 30 tracks got a CD release and 8 are exclusive on iTunes! I think this is Saudi focused album. Rabeh worked with all the big names in Saudi music, some talent even gave him as many as 6 songs on this album. Rotana made a big deal about this release and invested a lot of money as Rabeh is one of their elders.

There is also a surprise duet with Saudi legend Mohamed Abdu. I am not sure how many minutes the album will take to play, but I am certain there will be many songs for every taste. This is like the Wal Mart of music--something for everyone and every taste under one roof. There are three icons of Saudi music, Tala Madah, Mohammad Abdu and Rabeh Saqer. We must remember Rabeh's first album came in 1983 and he has more than twenty albums to his name.

This release is a big milestone for Saudi music, it says that the music has the ability to turn out songs for the local taste. It took a special kind of artists to have the courage to release this massive number of tracks. You have to know what you are doing and how to execute it. So here's "Awgeh El-Ma3na" for your own test.

01 - Abshark 3ayesh
02 - El-Donia Ma Tswa
03 - El-Rosas
04 - 1000 Mn Yashhad
05 - Allah 3alek
06 - El-Wa2e3
07 - Ela Mn Yahmo Amry
08 - Ana La Ahtaget
09 - Ana Mazelt
10 - Awgeh El-Ma3na
11 - Tswa 5er
12 - Teksar
13 - Kheleny
14 - Khames
15 - Rah W Ma Rage3
16 - Rag3na
17 - Remsh El-Maha
18 - Zahmet El-Donia
19 - Sga Allah
20 - Sahm
21 - Sa3b
22 - Dahayag
23 - Tareq El-Bedaya
24 - Talabteg W Aged
25 - 3la 7ato Ydeka
26 - 2ader Sho3or Ft(Mohamed Abdo)
27 - 2emat El-A5lak
28 - Kza
29 - La Tmnn
30 - La Hwla
31 - Lahza Hena
32 - Law Saael
33 - Malameh
34 - Wen Kont
35 - Yarab
36 - Ya Wa2et
37 - Yestahel
38 - Yehmak Amry

Rabeh Saqer ... Awgeh Al Maani - Promo | رابح صقر ... أوجه المعني - برومو


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