Monday, March 23, 2015

Jimmy's Plan And The Sad State if Egyptian Culutre

Egyptian teens and grownups like to enjoy their live as if they are living in a Hollywood film. A fantasy tale, this is what you get when you have too much many, too much time, and lack of a allegiance to local culture. So Sandy an Egyptian pop songstress whose style is more fitting for American high school than Arab and Muslim ones released a new movie.

She gave it an English name, and told an American story not an Egyptian one--nothing about the movie takes place in Egyptian narrative. It's like if Egyptian teens watch American movies--and love them so much that they want to make one just like it.

This is Sandy's first flick, and she was hoping for his turnout--she got lots of teens and young adults showing up, she did go to more than one screening and took loads of pictures, that were uploaded onto her official Facebook page. Nothing it original about the film, not even the outfits or the haircuts. Long are the days when Egypt gave us a decent movie--they still can. But in the meantime, we are stuck with lame films.

In her interview--video below, she is is not making any secrets about her copying the Hollywood model, she said Hanna Montana. Glad to hear that worked out well for her--zing. She is talking about roles that are relevant to hr age--she think she is still 17 years old.

Sandy - Min Wara Nadarty - ساندي - من ورا نظارتي

ساندي: أسعى في فيلمي الأول "خطة جيمي" للوصول إلى كافة أفراد الأسرة ونقصت 7 كيلو جرامات بسببه


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