Friday, March 6, 2015

Slashing In South Korea And New Single About Slashing @Tarekalattrash

Tarek Al Atrash wrote and composed a new single and then he took it to the studio to record it with his voice. The song is about willing to be knifed for love, a normal thing for those familiar with Arabic passionate love. It's a declaration of a love statement and he swears by God, that she is the only one for him and she is the one he loves after God (Seriously how does that make your mamma?)

Tarek is a cool cat of Lebanese guy pop, he is young, happy and he sang a hit song about cigarettes, he he lives life on the edge and not fearing taking a knife for love is not a perfect idea for romance, but if it works and if it gets people to dance, why not?
ضربة موس - طارق الأطرش / Tarek Al Atrash - Darbet Mous


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