Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Love Joins The Army #Syria Louna Fares' New Human Song

Louna Fares' love is headed to the army and she stands by her man and sings for him and his uniform. The Syrian songstress is out with a decent song that descries romance at the time of army draft. Army is in constant war in the Middle East it seems. No other army has been busier than that in Syria.

Louna tells her man that he looks good in a uniform and she promises to wait for him and prays that God will keep him out of harm's way. It's a sweet song that changes the conversation away from politics and faceless armies to individuals with lives.

I like the title and the beat. The song avoids the political crap and dives into the real human cost of war. Armies are made out of real people with families that cares for them. Fady Morjan wrote the lyrics and Aly Hassoun the music and production. You really did not need to know louna from Syria, you will hear it throughout the song.
.لونا فارس - عسكوري 2015 Louna Fares 3askoury


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