Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Listen To The Best Arabic Mother's Day Song @NJMusicProducti مساء الفل

There are many great Arabic songs for mothers (Mothers' day is on March 21 each year) We have a log history of good songs celebrating motherhood. This year, a new song gets a release and I like it a lot more because it's performed by teens who sound so cute singing to their moms.

Two male vocalists and one promising female vocalist deliver a sweet homage to mothers in a very Egyptian fashion. I love the young voices, the smiles and the energy. It's heartwarming to see grateful teens who are not glued to their social media profiles.

NJ Music Production did a fine job here and I am so happy to see them approach music differently. Mirna, the girl is a big star project waiting to happen and so is Saif Majdy. This is a good trio, and the future is green.
"Masa'a El-Fol"/"Various" l "مساء الفل"/"المجموعة"


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