Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dancing And Singing In This Courtroom With Shatha Hassoun

More than 17 years ago Najwa Karam had a hit, the song was about going to court against her loved one or perhaps her husband. After Najwa took things seriously and filed a legal claim, the husband came back crawling trying to be all nice and sweet all over again, but in the song Najwa Karam does not give him a chance.

It was a beautifully written song performed to perfection with that strong and commanding voice from the Lebanese diva. In 2007 and on star academy there was a young woman competing and she was making waves. Enter the stage Shatha Hassoun who was the best thing to walk out of that program. But before she was a celebrity she had to make an impression.

Shatha chose to do a cover of that Najwa Karam song, and the producers chose to make the song happen in a courtroom. While Shatha Hassoun's performance was almost flawless, the court scene may have upset some working in the legal profession. I do not care about those, I only care of how wonderful Shatha sounded then and how far she came. Her voice is pretty stonrg and solid combine that with her confidence and stage presence and you got yourself a leading lady.  

حكم القاضي - شذى حسون


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