Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lipstick On A Pig! Operet Ya Helwa Ya Al Bahrain / اوبريت يا حلوة يا البحرين

Three B list singers from Egypt joined four other local singers from Bahrain and recorded a song for Bahrain, the question how much have they gotten paid for this song? AMNS, a Bahrain rap group gets to perform, it's not a bad song, it's actually a very good song....but it has nothing to do with telling the truth.

Marwa Nasr (nothing bad about her), Ihab awfik (the guy who quit singing and then came back, lived in Qatar, then insulted them) and Mohammad Nour (the only guy to release a pro-Mubarak song in Jan 2011) They get a mixed voices and styles in this sweet song. The Kingdom is unable to find truth-telling singers to perform a decent song. They song even celebrates the king--you are lucky to have him. Really? He is godsend?

Did the Egyptian artists sing for free? hell no! I wish Bahrain well, and look forward to see it become a place for all its people. Mohammad Nour composed the song Bahrain can be beautiful...but just and fair is more important than being sexy! Words are cheap, actions are not.

Operet Ya Helwa Ya Al Bahrain / اوبريت يا حلوة يا البحرين


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