Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Moroccan Lady Who Rules Gulf Music From Dubai

Asma Lmnawar made her mark on Arabic music in 2008 and 2009. Thanks to her awesome talent and the faith and support of Iraqi Kadem Al Saher. Her name was everywhere and her talent was the pleasant surprise coming from the West Side.

But starting in 2010, the Moroccan native wanted more, so she moved her residence to Dubai and from there she took over the Gulf music scene. Asma is not one of top five names who are making the best music in that corner. She is also one of three leading ladies singing in that dialect.

This is why new comer Esmail Mubarak released a duet with her last month. It's your average sweet romance form capable artists whose sentiments is the most precious asset. I think Asma's sweetness shins through here, but not her strong vocal muscles. I guess she does not have to be the strongest voice out there in each of her songs. Variety is good.
Asma Lmnawar & Esmail Mubarak (Official Audio) | أسما لمنور و إسماعيل مبارك - صمت الوله


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