Sunday, March 29, 2015

WATCH This #Comeback Bahebak - Loai بحبك - لؤي

Loai from the 00's finds it in his heart to give us a music video and a new single. Not sure, but we loved this star more than 11 years ago, and has not had enough of him. Duo to trouble with production companies and contracts, he has been frozen. It took years but Loai is now a free agent so here's his new music video.

Romance is what the story here and the music video shows the pop star at his best. Loai's song is good and a worthy choice in those crowded times. It may not be a great track, but it's really nice. The shy guy returns with a new single and a new album is on the way. Simly, the song is titled "I love you" and there it goes.

The music video is not over the top, simple back-story and a cool Loai getting in the zone.

Bahebak - Loai بحبك - لؤي 


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