Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Giants Rabeh Saqer & Nawal Al Kuwaitia Transcend In A New Duet

She is from Kuwait, he is from Saudi Arabia, both are pillars of Gulf music. It's only fitting for these two giants to collaborate one a song. Comes the duet between Rebeh Saqer and Nawal. It's a poem turned into a beautiful song loaded with sweet emotions.

I am a huge fan of Nawal, I love her music ever since I was little. Rabeh is an acquired taste for me, but the man makes nice music. More of this music Rotana please, leave the commercially successful noise to the small times. Seriously, their lyrics are so rich and certainly romantic.

Rabeh Saqer &Nawal Al Kuwaitia ... Kol Ma Fi El Amr | رابح صقر و نوال الكويتية ... كل ما في الأمر


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