Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jerusalem Is Still Ours...Says This Rock Star @ShreifMoeen

Moeen Shreif is a cool pop star with some old school values. He is celebrated composer as well. But this time he is not about to sing for a lady, but instead for a city....the city of Jerusalem. As Moeen Shreif watches the news and sees how wing-nuts in Israel try to provoke fights with Palestinians. So naturally he is frustrated about it....

So comes this song when the city and its Palestinian residents are under systematic attacks. Moeen is a homeboy in Lebanon-he is for the resistance....and here he sings from the Palestine people and their resilience, the people who do not kneel. Muslims and Christians together says the song. It's true the Palestinians are a united front in the face of the Israeli occupation. A bright spot perhaps form what we see on the news.

Lara and Mostafa Zumzum are part of this song, Lara on the vocal side, and Mostafa on the lyrical side. Moeen explained how much love he has for Palestine and the Palestinian people--even the ones living in camps inside of Lebanon.

Cool song bro, keep up the good fight....and thanks for remembering your brethren in Palestine--even though so few care right now.

Moeen Shreif - Al Quds Lana / معين شريف - القدس لنا


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