Monday, March 23, 2015

Nawal Al Kuwaitia Delivers A Knockout With "Bkaser El Denya"

Her name was just Nawal, then when another songstress with the same name emerged, Nawal went with a last name that associates her with her native country of Kuwait. Nawal Al Kuwaitia, is a diva with a word of class. She is a member of very exclusive club, women of native to the Gulf who sing.  She is really good and the fans love her music.

I like her new song from an upcoming album with Rotan. She seems to serenade her mane in her and tells him that she is ready to turn this world upside down to be with him. This is a big release of Rotana which is best equipped to handle the Gulf music market as they know the local taste and know all the big players.

Nawal Al Kuwaitia ... Bkaser El Denya | نوال الكويتية ... بكسر الدنيا


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