Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Love" The New Dark Emotional Single By Engy Amin From The Voice@EngyMohamedAmin

The MBC produced The Voice featured many bright vocalists. It's becoming a place where the serious talents go to get their names circulated and their talent given the seal of approval. While only one can take home the title, many have done well for just appearing on the program.

Take for example Engy Amin from Egypt. She just released a fresh new single where it's a lot more focused on her vocal flexibility, range and emotions. Engy Amin  has a new album, this is the song that will give us a taste. She has been working with a label company, but the song is now released via the Mazzika network.

I recall the judges on the program loved her voice and appreciated the size of her talent. Sherine Abedelwahab and Kadim approved oer her voice.
Mafesh - Engy Amin مفيش - إنجى أمين

Lyrics: Ramadan Mohamed كلمات: رمضان محمد
▶ Composition: Ashraf Salem الحان : اشرف سالم
▶ Music Arrangement: Sherif Mansour الموزع الموسيقى : شريف منصور


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