Monday, March 9, 2015

Fadel Shaker is BACK! And He Is No Terrorist...Okay?

The Lebanese crooner Fadel Shaker is not a popular figure inside Lebanon at this moment. He said some crazy stuff on TV and appeared to have gone to the violent extremist side. He remains wanted for alleged crimes and involvement with an armed militia. Beginning 2012 when he first said some silly things and then have shared his support for the revolution in Syria against president Assad.

Few months later he has been spotted taken part of demonstrations alongside some questionable religious figures. Then he took on some Lebanese political party whom he accused of attacking his home and stealing a million dollar worth of property. then some of his buddies got involved in an operation against the army where a number of Lebanese troops got killed. The question remains, was Fadel Shaker with them? Did this romance hit-maker carry a weapon against the army of his own country? This has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, we await more details Fadel Shaker emerged last week after a year of disappearance and mysteries. He sat down for an interview with a Lebanese network and defended his record. He seems to have some regrets and seems to know of the PR campaign against him. Why is he not arrested? It's tricky...according to the interview he is staying now inside a refugee camp in Southern Lebanon where the army nor the police have jurisdiction over there. There are a lot of opinions about this many and what he did or he did not do....but hear him speak his side of the's all a misunderstanding. He does not have an account on Facebook (many fiery comments/ threats were shared there)

Still Fadel Shaker won't play music or sing on camera, so he might be done with music for now. He says that we was emotional about Syria like he was about the assassination of Rafik Hariri. He denies taking part of any armed struggle against the army. He does not know anything about the controversial Sheikh Al-Asir. He says he is now cooperating with a number of security agencies in Lebanon to clear his record.    
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