Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shaima Hilali Saves Ibrahim AlHakami With This Deut

I do not enjoy terrible songs and I hate that fact that I will be negative, but this new duet feels like a pile of trash. A duet with Tunisian gem Shaima Hilali is always worth checking out, but when the money is on the table, artists worry about their craft last.

She sounds good here for sure, but the neither the song nor her fellow singer help make this a classic. Ibrahim Al Hakami won Star Academy years ago, and he robbed a Syrian talent from taking home the title. Ibrahim done well in the Gulf and he tries to do other songs as well, but he has yet to appeal to anyone outside the Gulf.

I like the money that got spent on this music video, the set, the location and the Bedouin feel and dance. Shaima manages to hold onto her talent when it's so hard. Plus she looks so good, and sounds as perfect as she has always done.

I do not hate Ibrahim, I wish him well. I just do not connect with him when I connect with some many stars from the Gulf. Maybe this song can help get increase his brand recognition. The song itself is about suing oneself for wronging the lady. A guy who admits he made mistakes or that he makes things worse, should get a trophy.  
Ibrahim AlHakami & Shaima Hilali ... AlQadiya - Clip | ابراهيم الحكمي و شيما هلالي ... القضيه - كليب


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