Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Almost Arab Idols Come To North America For Tour

The handsome and shy Syrian kid who won Arab Idol last year is coming to North America in a tour. But he is not coming alone. Along with him comes the popular and charismatic Arab Idol runner up from the same season Palestinian Haitham Khalaily.

I think the idea of pairing them together is a clever one. They have huge fan bases and play to different audiences. I do not think either of them is exciting all by themselves in terms of marketing, but together they may do well. America and Canada have huge Arab communities who come from all sort of countries. Everyone likes people form their country for sure. So this makes sense too. Even Assaf shared the stage on his US tour with a lovely Syrian and Lebanese. Sure he was the headliner, but the others make the event like a good investment. It's not like the second season of Arab Idol when Assaf win and blew away some many people. These are both young and promising artists who good voices. I think what would help them better is having a female Arab Idol--it's perfect this way.

I think it would be a good idea to watch them live and perfect their craft. I do not know if there will be a huge success for the tour, but if they are good and if people know, then I can see them sell well and most of all entertain more.

Update: I really do like the artists I mention here, I do not compare, I think Haitham is a great singer, and so is Hazem, I was just making the point that the early bird gets the warm, the second has to try a little bit harder. I wish them all well. I welcome both Haitham and Hazem into North America. Their fans need them and if asked I will work as hard to help get the word out on their concerts.
حازم شريف وهيثم خلايله - جولة أمريكا وكندا


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