Monday, March 9, 2015

The Cabo, The Diva And This 1993 Song

Below you will find a song that could have been performed as a classical Arabic by one of these divas, but Hamid El Shari made the song half classical and half pop but speeding things up and using electric instruments. The lady who sang it is Ameera, and unfortunately, I am unable to find a picture for her. Cabo is how Hamid like to be called and he is working on anew album that will be released soon.

While Ameera made the song special, the beat is the cool factor as this song was recorded and released in 1993--and back then it was the next big thing. So think about this, if you slow down the song a little bit, you will have to go to a theater to see this song performed by a diva in a nice dress and the song would last for about 15 minutes, but the pop version is under five minutes.  

أميرة - عامل عمايل


  1. I like this song, its one of the classic pop song that Arab has been release for the past decade. This kind of arab pop music must be heard by the generations today, it sound cool and serene.