Saturday, March 28, 2015

Egypt Bombs Yemen And Sings For Them Simultaneously

The cowardly armies in the Gulf and Egypt are bombing people in Yemen from their safe locations. Mostly undemocratic governments have formed a coalition to bomb Yemen. It's gross to see who this Yemeni conflict is being labeled as sectarian. I do not see it as so. There are a lot of legitimate concerts against the Hady regime who was okay with foreign governments bombing his own citizens. So aside from that it seems the government in Egypt has bribed some of her biggest cheerleaders to sing a song for the state of Yemen.  

It's a song riddled with bullshit and half-truths. These idiots artists you will hear and see enjoy living in countries that offer little freedoms. Yet, they are preaching these things. I think people in Egypt should shut up and get back to work. Let's see how appeared in this song, Hany Shaker who urged his government to murder its own people if they are brotherhood. Nadia Mostafa, released a song for the police in Egypt days after they slaughtered countless activists. Ghada Rajjab, who made great music in  Turkey and turned around to speak ill of the very country that hosted her. Rakan, who did you say?

The people bombing what do they have to offer them?

أوبريت "أنا اليمن" أداء نخبة من ألمع نجوم الغناء: هاني شاكر - غادة رجب - نادية مصطفى - راكان


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