Thursday, March 26, 2015

The New Ahlam 2015 Album Dares You البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام

Diva Ahlam released a new album--everybody should listen to it. Why? She is the biggest female pop star in the region, she is also the most recognizable artist from the Gulf to most Arabs. The title for this album is "I Dare You" I do not know what the topic is but I know the diva has few enemies and she has never held back. I name Shatha Hassoun, Shams and Ragheb Alama, not to forget the entire body of the Arabic press whom she insulted.

Make no mistake this album will sell like cupcakes, she is a big name and people love her and her music. So, I am certain sales will not disappoint. I like the variety songs she has in this album. She even has a one light Gulf song that travels well outside the area where she is most comfortable with. Nine tracks are out in this album, and let's recall that this album's title is not original as another female pop artist who's based in Gulf used it in the 90s.

The why the album is being promoting is as a masterpiece as you will see below.

01 Kelmet Zaal
02 Abathadak
03 Malhofa Le Soutak
04 Alashanak
05 Meen Asar Alek
06 Thanek Elawal Ghalat
07 Fog Ma Tesawar
08 Kaani Omry Ma Habet
09 Ersi Ala Bar

البوم ابتحداك لفنانة العرب احلام - حالياً في الأسواق


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