Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tickets Soldout! Kazem Al Saher Concert And Wael Kfoury's

Iraqi Kadem Al Saher had a stellar new party, he was joined by another dude, Romance babe Wael Kfoury. The two sold-out the venue and it was a night to remember! Romance, poetry, upbeat, dance and more! These are two top-talents (one judges the voice and the other is on X Factor) So, not only do you see A listers at their prime sing, but also world-calls charming celebrities.
Beirut had witnessed another hot night, most Arab and Lebanese tourists flock to this capital to party at home. New year parties are almost never about class, but there is always interest in good art. Melhem who was supposed to have a concert in Dubai, faced a last minute cancellations so he was happy to have the time with his family.

Kazem had the night for himself, and Wael shared the stage with him. Melhim Zain who was in town sang with each of them. Kazem straight three hours where he performed his most beloved hits. He was later joined by his pal Melhem Zain who performed a song with him on the stage.
إيلاف في كواليس حفل وائل كفوري وكاظم الساهر في رأس السنة


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