Tuesday, March 17, 2015

@rekaaz Teams With Maher Zain To Challenge Us To Do Good

Rekaz is a new kind of not for profit working to instill good virtue in people. With the help of Maher Zain, they are getting some headlines. It's volunteer driven and they seem to want to do good things. For their initiative Maher Zain has supporting them with a new single, about the acts of kindness that we do and people will remember us by them.

It's based in Saudi Arabia, and it seems it's focused on males, not women. At least, the people who appear on their websites are males. So you know they have good intentions but also working with limitations. Sure, guys are evil, and they need help. In general, I like these organizations that teach good virtues without going into religion. I know the youth of the Middle East are troubled but they have different challenges. Youth of Palestine want freedom and something to do. The ones in Saudi Arabia, have too much free time/internet and little interest in starting a career.

Maher Zain is a global star and he is a good choice for this campaign. I wish them well and I come to enjoy the song and its message about our short time here so we need to leave a legacy all of us do. I hate for this to be some ploy by holier than though religious figures who want an audience by doing stunts like this. I hope to be mistaken.
Maher Zain - A'marona A'malona | ماهر زين - #أعمارنا_أعمالنا


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