Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dominique Hourani Might Be The Loneliest Woman In The Show Biz @DominiqueHorani

People like to feel wanted, pop stars live on the attention, Dominique Hourani wants you to like her and she is ready to spend as much money as she has to to become your favorite star. She has been making music for almost a decade, but she is not slowing down, she is not selling that great either.

But money talks and B.S. can take a hike....she likes to dress up, slab lots of makeup dress and act like she is four years old to get one's attention. She would dance near a car and shake everything, she would dress for an S&M party to get your business.

You get the idea.....this is what she is doing in her latest music video. "Ah Mennak" was filmed in Cairo and a popular actor appears in it. The big news? The lighting company who did these neon sighs are taking credit for most of the music video. People, this is sad and I think Dominique Hourani did not have a director to tell her what to do, she essentially did whatever the hell she felt like doing.  

Ah Mennak - Dominique Hourani آة منك - دومينيك حورانى


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