Saturday, March 21, 2015

And The Award For Worst Mother's Day Song Goes @SandySandystar

Mom is sweater than vanilla and chocolate? No thank you very much Sandy. Really, this is the worst silly song and feels like a weak tea. Not sure what prompted Sandy to make this dumb song. It feels like a song kids who are four years old would like it. Kids who are six years old may feel it's below them.

Sandy's vocal strengths do not land well here and it feels like a rock star being held at gunpoint to do a really terrible song. Sandy knows little about motherhood, yet she poses like one who knows what it means. Boring! I am glad Sandy is playing some piano for the song, but it's a waste and its not worthy of the sacrifices mothers make.
Sandy - Ahla Min Elvanilla - ساندي - احلي من الفانيليا


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