Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Could This Be Jannat's Big Summer Hit? "Agbany Shakhsito"

We have an idea about Jannat and we know that we like her. Her record company Rotana released one of her songs as a single to be included in her upcoming summer album. Salamah Ali wrote the lyrics and Mohammad Yehia wrote the music.

About two years ago in May of 2013 was when the Moroccan hit-maker released her last album, it was such a sweet treat that beat the summer's beat. Jannat sticks to the same formula, a girl in love sings happy and loud songs and a lady that has been wronged in love and she is telling tales.

This sounds like her flirty songs where she confess to her love for this man whose personality she has fallen for. This style has worked well for the songstress and she often delivers the punches like she did in 2008 with that inescapable hit. This new song "Agbany Shakhsito" may do the same trick it just needs to get played on radio for more than a week.   

Jannat ... Agbany Shakhsito | جنات ... عجباني شخصيته


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