Sunday, March 8, 2015

WATCH: Kais Hisham - Shamso Weilak | قيس هشام - شمسويلك A Delight From Baghdad @KaisHisham

Kais Hisham is a lonely man in a very dark place in his life at the moment. But that won't stop him from making a great music video for one of the saddest (in a good way) song I've heard this year. For those who do not know Kais Hisham, he is an Iraqi composer and musician. He has collaborated with his country's finest singers. He is a student of music where he trained under the biggest names in Iraqi music.

He composed for ten years and then moved to Jordan to work with the local artists and Iraqi ones. It wasn't until 2005 when he released his first song. He still writes music and performs his own songs, and why not he is a handsome guy who is fun to look at.  

Kais Hisham - Shamso Weilak | قيس هشام - شمسويلك


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