Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zap Tharwat Introduces Indie Music To Small Business @ZAPtharwatAXEER

Zap Tharwat is back with anew song that see him returns to his old self. He's partnered with other young talents for the new track. It's a song about unleashing what's inside, realizing one's potential. Zap Tharwat is one of the finest spoken words artists in Egypt, he brings people together and he is one of the biggest and most diverse fan base.

I like that he does not alienate people, and always seems to make room for anybody who wants to belong. His concerts are some of the biggest events among the educated young demographics who have had enough.

The song is sponsored by a new app meant for people to sell their used items and finding a bigger market. About time, Egypt builds a website that can help create jobs. I am glad this fresh artists is still making music in today's depressing state in Egypt. It would be so easy for Zap to find a new home in Europe, but he holds tight to his country despite all the difficulties.
Zap Tharwat Ft. Osama ElHady - Ana Batal Hayati | زاب ثروت واسامة الهادي - انا بطل حياتى


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