Monday, March 30, 2015

Arab Idol Haitham Khalaily Brings Out The Magic In North America (Video) @HaithamKhalaily

Haitham Khalaily is a talented young man with a strong voice and a good style. He also have a huge fan base that showers him with love and support. They are so proud of him and his songs, they should be. Haitham is also cursed as he tries to tell people he is not Assaf and Assaf is not him. So do not compare him.

If you had your own doubts about Haitham's skills, watch this live video from one of his concerts on his US and Canada tour. Haitham went with one of the hardest Arabic songs to fake, an old classic by the legendary one and the only Um Kalthoum. Al Atalal or the ruins, a song about a past romance. It's like taking a stroll down memory lane that's riddled with ruins of the past.

Haitham feels like an old soul coming from the golden years of Arabic Tarab music to remind us of the good times. He also comes package in a hip fashion that makes the social media falls in love with him as he makes out his path.  

I think he brings a rich texture to the Palestinian voice. Haitham comes from an unconventional background to win the hearts and minds of the Arab community. We need a bit of good news to face the flood of bad news coming from the area, Haitham's arrival to our shores may offer that breath of fresh air that reminds it, home can also brings smiles to our faces.

Will he stop in Washington, DC, I know I would love to interview him and see him perform live.
Haitham khalaily - هيثم خلايلة /Al Atlal -الاطلال/Arab Idol 2015 Canada and U.S.A Tour


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