Friday, January 23, 2015

Hiba Tawaji Covers Whitney Houston Beautifully

Hiba Tawaji sang in classical Arabic, Lebanese Arabic and Egyptian dialect. Now she is expanding her reach to move languages and more songs. It's a given that she speaks French, I have also heard a clip of her doing a German comes her attention to American songs.

Her go to was a little known hit by the late Whitney Houston. She chose to cover "I Have Nothing" While nothing compared to the troubled American legend's voice and style. Hiba did the song justice. For a second it sounded like Hiba is mimicking the late diva, but in fact she is just showing off that she can hit all the notes--she flexes her vocal muscles and I love it.

I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) - Cover By Hiba Tawaji

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (Lyrics)


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