Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Listen: Ya Layaly - Ahmed Gamal @IdolAhmedGamal ياليالى - احمد جمال

Ahmed Gamal from Arab Idol fame returns with a new single. I think he gets something wrong here. He seems to chose the popular and trendy over the slow and classy. Ahmed is a gifted young musician and composer, not just a mere singer.

Ahmed has a sweet voice that his depth and character, but this song buries that with all the loud music is plays. He can do better and he certainly deserves better, this is a house mix that does not form a legacy.

Maybe you are feeling this song, but it's not doing it for me. The guy did release better singles before, this one will be a hit with those mindless fans, but them too won't remember it in few weeks. Ahmed, I have faith in you.

Ya Layaly - Ahmed Gamal  ياليالى - احمد جمال


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