Thursday, January 1, 2015

Watch: Elissa Falls Off Stage Live شاهد..لحظة سقوط إليسا على المسرح

I hate when bad things happen to bad people. Elissa was doing a mega concert in Dubai and people paid top dollars to see her. But they did get a lot more than their idol and few good songs. They got to see her lose her balance and fall off the stage.

Maybe her shoes did not help? She tires to laugh it off as the guards rushed to her aid. It happens to the best pop stars so Elissa is in good company. Some are saying she had a lot to drink, I do not think this is it. It's just tough to keep your balance all the time. This fall took place at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in the sleepless city of Dubai.

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شاهد..لحظة سقوط إليسا على المسرح


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