Friday, January 30, 2015

As Egypt Bleeds, Sisi Runs Out of People To Blame (Opinion)

Egypt elected a tough man to run their country. That general and a leader of a military coup promised to give them security and stability. He got them neither and in the process the fine people of Egypt gave away many rights and freedoms.

He has been in charge since  summer of 2013 and everyday his government reports terrorists attacks. It's sad that real people are hurting. But does not he take credit for these attacks? Didn't people vote him in to end these attacks? I think he is making them worse. Why do I blame him? Well for starter he only wants to be a president of about 50 percent of the population. The rest he has either imprisoned, intimidated, killed or marginalized.

Marginalized people have little to lose. Plus he already razed couple of towns in the Sinai, thousands of families lost their homes because he wanted to clear an area and make sure it's safe. Well, yesterday the people he said he will erase, attacked his army and police force and murdered scores of good officers. The ones who attacked the army and the police are to blame for sure. But did they have any alternative?

I have been to those part of the Sinai, the people do not feel the government represents them. The governments takes all the resources from the Sinai and gives little back. There are massive farms, amazing beaches, mining, oil, granite stones, salt, tourism...etc. But the ones who run the show are people from Cairo and other cities, locals do not get any of the jobs and trust me they look at these nice resorts, villas, and hotels  that are only saved for the police and the army. Local people of course do not like this. The local population loves Egypt dearly, but the regime doesn't seem to trust them and treat them as second class citizens.

When the Sinai natives go to Cairo, they always mistake them for Palestinians since the dialect is so similar. They are Egyptians who got nothing for their citizenship. Their schools are in a bad shape, their hospitals are not much to speak of, and their universities are under-funded.

The army units in Rafah (the Egyptian side) should not feel they are surrounded by hostile population, they need to do more to earn the hearts and minds of the locals. I know this because I spent a night with them and they asked me not to move too much, since the snipers may gun any suspect. We spent the night talking about the States, they kept me safe and I gave them cigars and stories. They gave me army-made date filled cookies. They are good people, and they are not allowed to turn a light at night out of fear they would be targeted.

Again, condolences to the families of the police and army officers, the government has blood on its hands. Talk to your people Sisi, all of them-even if you think they are wrong or misguided, they remain citizens and they need to be broughtt in.     

Below is a new song about a verse in the Koran that tells the house of Jacob to enter the land of Egypt in peace as they will feel safe and secure. You can see this verse in pretty much each of Egypt's crossings and ports.
Edkhloha Amnen(yarab Masr) - Sherif Abd El Moniem ادخلوها امنين (يارب مصر) - شريف عبد المن


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